WindmillSince 1982 readers worldwide have enjoyed reading Windmillers’ Gazette articles dealing with all aspects of wind powered pumping. The newsletter presents articles on selecting, installing, and maintaining water pumpers, as well as on the preservation and use of historic wind machines which remain scattered throughout rural and urban areas across the world. The publication has recently started to include similarly informative articles about the history and preservation of historic small wind-electric plants.

What is the Windmillers’ Gazette?

WindmillThe Windmillers’ Gazette is a quarterly newsletter devoted exclusively to water-pumping windmills, small wind-electric plants and wind power history in general. It was founded by T. Lindsay Baker, historian of wind power, museum curator, and windmill restoration technician, who has studied and written on wind power for a quarter century. In the spring of 2015, the publication was bequeathed to its new editor and publisher, Christopher Gillis.

Who reads the Windmillers’ Gazette?

  • Anyone interested in wind power for pumping, other mechanical applications, and wind-electric power generation
  • Installers and service people for windmills and water-pumping equipment
  • Collectors and restorers of antique wind machines
  • Scholars and enthusiasts of the history of technology
  • Students of wind power history and molinology
  • Antique dealers
  • Farm implement collectors
  • Engineers dealing with development of new wind machines
  • International development workers promoting use of appropriate technology
  • Manufacturers of water supply equipment
  • People with romantic, artistic, and sentimental interest in windmills

What type of articles does the Windmillers’ Gazette include?


  • How-to articles on windmill selection, installation, repair, and restoration
  • Trouble-shooting articles on windmill problems
  • Historical features on windmills, windmill manufacturers, and various aspects of windmill production, distribution, marketing, and use
  • Surveys of wind power technology issues such as counterbalancing of windmills, bearings and lubrication, and methods for automatic governing
  • Reviews of recent books dealing with water-pumping and electricity-generation windmills, in addition to wind power history in general.
  • Advertisements for windmills, windmill parts, books, and services
  • Reprints of historic articles on windmills and windmill use
  • Reprints of historic advertisements for windmills and related goods
  • Current and historic photographs of windmills in the field

What is the focus for the Windmillers’ Gazette?


The Windmillers’ Gazette deals exclusively with modern and historic wind machines for pumping water, producing mechanical power and now electricity generation.

It does not deal with European-style windmills which developed in the Old World for grinding grain, pumping water, or processing industrial products. For windmills of this type, the editor refers interested individuals to the International Molinological Society, c/o Charles Yeske (council member from North America), 152 East Swamp Road, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901, USA,, and the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills, P.O. Box 422, Great Falls, Virginia 22066, USA,

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